Catholic Charities Night with the Phillies

Plan a night out with family and friends and head down to Citizens Bank Park for Catholic Charities night with the Phillies on June 21st! Enjoy a great night out while benefiting the Catholic Charities Appeal (CCA), the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's largest annual fundraising initiative.


This spring, the Catholic Charities Appeal is partnering with Nutritional Development Services Community Food Program on a fresh produce initiative! During the summer months, NDS will set up produce stands at various sites to provide families with fresh fruits and vegetables that they normally would not be able to afford and access. Along with the fresh produce, clients receive vital nutritional information and sample healthy recipes.

During the summer months when school is out of session, children across the Archdiocese of Philadelphia are no longer receiving a healthy breakfast or lunch that their school provided. When you support the NDS fresh produce initiative you are helping children in low-income families receive nourishing fruits and vegetables all summer long. 

Eating healthy can also reduce tooth decay, chronic health problems like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive problems, diabetes, and cancer. 

Donating $25.00 can help purchase 15 pounds of apples,  26 avocados, 16 cups of blueberries or 13 pounds of nectarines for children in need across the Archdiocese. Only 25% of kids in Philadelphia are eating at least one serving of fresh produce daily. You can change this statistic and help instill healthy eating habits early; giving these children the tools they need for long-term healthy living.

To make your impact today, please click here.